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Insider tips for safely buying and selling tickets

  • Ugo, Product Manager
  • pon., 24 lip 2023
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It’s no surprise the day I landed a job at TicketSwap an avalanche of questions began about how to best get tickets? Things like; Do you get free tickets for life now? Can you get me free tickets for life now? and What’s the secret to always getting a ticket?

Initially, my answer was simple, ‘I’ve only been working there a few days, how am I supposed to know’? Now a few months in, I’m fresh out of excuses and it’s about time I shared a few trade secrets on how to make the most out of TicketSwap. 

Enable Push Notifications Via The App:

First things first, email notifications are too slow a process. You have to enable push notifications through the app if you want any hope in snaring a ticket to an event in high demand. If you want to ensure you’re moving at light speed, also take the passcode lock off your phone, seconds, even milliseconds mean everything in the race for precious tickets.

Popular Transacting Times:

It always helps to step inside the heads of other users too. If you can understand their buying and selling behaviours, you’re well on your way to becoming a Swapping Sensei.

It doesn’t take Albert Einstein, to work out why there’s a huge spike in transactions the closer it gets to the event time. We humans are an unpredictable bunch, our mood and plans change like the wind. There’s a lesson here, never give up on the hunt or sale of tickets. It’s more than likely, you’ll snare tickets to the show of your dreams hours before it starts. Stay on high alert! Be dressed and ready to run out the door!

Now if that still isn’t enough inside information, how about this? Between the hours of 5–10 pm at night, TicketSwap is a goldmine. Fans are out of the office, thinking about what gig to go to or which gig they can bail out of and how they can make their money back. You might think it’s best to navigate the platform when it’s not cluttered but I’m here to tell you the busier the better!

Selling Tickets To Popular Vs Less Popular Shows:

If you’ve got a ticket for a Taylor Swift or Khalid show, you're going to have a lot of people waiting (not so patiently) for a ticket and they'll be buying right up until the last minute - so you won't have a problem selling. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking to find a new home for a ticket to a niche event, think wisely about how to sell it. Best to set an asking price of a few bucks below face value to ensure you make a sale. You’d rather walk away with some money in your bank than completely empty-handed. And it pains everyone to see a ticket go to waste.

Buy Tickets At The Gate (On Our App):

Part of the reason TicketSwap exists is to safeguard music fans from being ripped off by scalpers at the door. More often than not, some shady looking character will extort your undying love for Amelie Lens, by selling you a ticket that’s an astronomical rip-off.

Skip this dilemma — head to a bar nearby for a few drinks, jump on the app and find yourselves last-minute tickets at a fair price. Then all’s left to do is head in and have a damn good time!

Quick Sharing Of Tickets Via Our App:

This particular crack arose thanks to discussions with our performance marketing specialists. It may surprise you but we’ve discovered that many of our fans aren’t fast-tracking their selling process. It’s super easy, just share your e-tickets directly to the app. We lead too busy lives these days, literally 2 or 3 presses of your thumb and you’re ready to roll.

Adding a Ticket Alert Without A Set Price:

This one’s simple. If you want every chance of making it to a show then there’s no need to set a max price per ticket. This means that whenever a ticket becomes available, irrespective of the price, you’ll be notified. Sometimes, you can’t put a price on seeing your dream artist.

Never miss THAT event or let a ticket go to waste. Following these tips will leave you ahead of the pack for buying and selling on our platform. One person’s change of plans is another person’s treasure on TicketSwap.

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