Epic Closing Tracks: Five DJs share their set finale tracks

Chosen by ADE artists Julian Jordan, DiVine, SYREETA, VINNE and Héctor Oaks

  • Katie-Hawthorne, Writer
  • śr., 22 lut 2023
  • Artist interviews

From bittersweet nostalgia to big house euphoria, ADE’s finest DJs share the best tracks to end a party right

Ending on the right note is a fine art. The perfect closing track can turn a DJ into a legend, and a truly epic finale will leave audiences talking for years to come. But every party is unique, and every selector has their own approach to setting off those final fireworks. Ticketswap has the stories behind five of the best closing tracks, tried and tested by some of ADE’s finest DJs.

Julian Jordan: Forever Young - Alphaville The boss of big energy house loves a mashup, particularly one with a dash of nostalgia. For the perfect closer, he tells us it’s got to be Forever Young. “I should make a remix,” he laughs, hinting that he might drop an official release. “It’s just a really euphoric track that everyone connects to; it’s a great ending of the night and everyone goes home with good feelings. I hope no other DJ sees this interview, I don’t want them to steal it!"

DiVine: Big Love – Pete Heller (David Penn remix) How do you top the enormous energy of a DiVine party? No surprise that the DJ and vocalist opts for the full works: classic house, sunny piano, soulful vocals. “I love to end my set with a good piano-loving energy!” she grins. “I love the David Penn remix of Big Love, it’s like… oh my god. That feeling when you’re drinking one more shot! Everyone’s loving each other! It’s gotta feel like: ahhhhh, that was nice!”

SYREETA: Blackwater – Octave One “It depends what party I’m playing…” SYREETA says, coyly. “But you’ve gotta pull on the heartstrings.” The London DJ and HE.SHE.THEY. resident muses for a moment before dropping a hot tip. “I played Blackwater by Octave One at Secret Garden Party and everyone just went mental. I got tagged in videos hundreds of times! It was crazy.”

VINNE: Innerbloom – Rüfüs du Sol The ‘Techno Party’ rising star has eclectic tastes, even confessing to an affinity for ‘90s ska punk (“Less Than Jake! I love it!” he laughs). But closing out the party is a serious business for the Brazilian DJ. “I like to open with my own tracks, but the best track ever to close? Maybe it’s a universal opinion, but it’s Innerbloom from Rüfüs du Sol. It finishes the act with emotions, melodies… it’s an epic.”

Héctor Oaks: Ya Playin’ Yaself – Jeru the Damaja No surprise that techno’s punkest vinyl selector chooses a cut with a message. “I end 99% of my sets with this track,” Oaks admits. “It’s this ‘90s rapper Jeru the Damaja, and I use this part that says, ‘I won’t compete in this competition because I have a greater mission’ – I like to give lyrics attention! Especially when you’re connected to people on the dance floor, it’s a really cool way to communicate.”

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